E Ink and Ueberall San Diego Airport Project Featured on Venture Beat

Photo of Dazzle Project

The electronic paper display developer E Ink created the electronic ink technology behind Amazon’s Kindle ebook readers. Now it is using that same technology to help create Dazzle, a giant public programmable art installation at the San Diego International Airport.

The San Diego airport tapped an experiential design firm, Ueberall International, to create a public artwork on the side of the airport’s new rental car center. Ueberall decided to use E Ink’s Prism technology to create black-and-white “pixels” on gigantic tiles across the 1,600-feet-long facade of the building. Dazzle uses more than 2,000 individual solar-powered titles that can be programmed to arrange themselves into a mutable mural. Read more on Venture Beat

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