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What you will learn

Want to get involved in dynamic design programs, but not sure how to integrate them into your existing projects? This course reviews approaches by different architects, environmental graphic designers, and exhibit designers, including an overall approach to developing a story, selecting a technology, and defining a content management program. Design process case studies involve point of purchase kiosks, dynamic wayfinding, and integration of changeable screens in retail and institutional programs.

The pack is designed for those looking at advancing the possibilities within a project when using digital technology for signage and creating dynamic environments. Key technologies such as LED advanced lighting systems are examined from both a design application and technical knowledge base. This pack includes content from two workshops and four teleconferences.


- Innovation in Lighting and Electronic Sign Design | Susan May and Dennis Hickey | October 21 2003
- Wayfinding and information design with Dynamic Signs | Tom Long and Richard Crawford | December 14, 2004
- Digital Signage Demystified | Al Jensen | December 20 2005
-The Economics and Dynamics of Digital Electronic Sign Systems | Don Fischer, Craig Johnson and Bill Phillips | December 16, 2004
- Dynamic Environments 2 Workshop | November 13-14, 2008 - Los Angeles
- Dynamic Environments 3 Workshop | 9 sessions | November 12-13, 2009 - New York

Materials are suitable for an advanced level design professional.

Questions Answered

  • Which Digital Technology is right for my application?
  • What is narrow-casting?
  • What regulations do I need to design to?
  • What return on Investment can my client expect from digital technology installations?
  • What are the components that make up a Digital Signage System?


Course Contents

  • This course contains 80 downloadable talks and presentations. It consists of a collection of Dynamic Signage course material from 2 workshops and 4 teleconferences.



  • Approximately 20 hours of Audio and presentations.



There are 43 Speakers in this collection. See the Dynamic Environments 2 + 3 Workshops above for details


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