Dynamic Environments Workshop 3

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What you will Learn:
Investigate the criteria that you need to consider when creating dynamic digital signage discussed from the perspective of the fabricator and the designer.

Questions Answered:
•What programs do you use to maintain and update the digital signage content?
•Who was the client for this type of project? Explores the complex relationships between the different parties needed to create a complex dynamic environment
•How much does a digital installation cost?
•At what point did you get involved in the project?
•How did you get all the parties together that are required to make this sort of collaborative project happen?
•How much energy do these installations use?

Course Materials:
This course contains 27 downloadable presentations and audio files

Approximately 6 hours of audio and PDF presentations

Topics and Speakers:
•Introduction: Dynamic Collaboration | Steve Bayer, Daktronics
•Information Design and the Museum Space | Lisa Straussfeld, Pentagram
•Envisioning the Dynamic Museum Space | Lisa Straussfeld, Christian Marc Schmidt, Brian MacFarland, David Revere McFadden, Leslie Gallery Dilworth
•Collaboration on Dynamic Information and Wayfinding Systems | Jonathan Reeves, Shen Milsom Wilke, Car Porto, Eli Kuslansky, Leslie Gallery Dilworth
•The Dynamic Structure | Chuck Hoberman, Hoberman Associates
•Creating a Collaborative Design, Visualization, and Approval Process | Tim Hunter, Tim Hunter Design
•Creating a Strategic Plan for Dynamic Signs, Landmarks, and Public Space: Design, Implementation, and Approvals | Louis Lombardi and Jason Barak
•The Integration of Digital and Lighting Design | Leni Schwendinger, Light Projects
•Designed Interaction: Innovation in Collaboration and Technology | Randy Byrd and Jeff Grantz, Sensory Interactive







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