Dynamic Environments 2

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What you will Learn:
Dynamic environments are complex projects for even the most experienced developers, designers, and technical consultants. New media and emerging technologies present huge challenges—but also great opportunities to energize places, reinforce brand, establish dialogues, and deliver targeted messages. Learn from experts on design and technology/fabrication how to put complex dynamic environments together.

Digital Beijing, Griffith Observatory, Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA, GreenPix Zero Energy Wall, The Sony Experience, Pier at Caesar Atlantic City, Samsung Mix, Enteractive at 11th and Flower, Drive By, L.A. Live, Swell, The Americana at Brand and The Comcast Experience

Course Materials:
15 downloads containing 27 individual files

Approximately 6 hours and 10 minutes

Phil Lenger, Show & Tell Productions
Craig Hanna, Thinkwell Design & Production
Mike Rubin, MRA Partners
Zhu Pei, Studio Pei-Zhu
David Niles, Niles Creative Group
Simone Giostra, Simone Giostra & Partners Architects
Mike Rubin, MRA Partners
Steve Samard, Sensory Interactive
Gordon Blitch, Reflect Systems
Brian Edwards, Edwards Technologies
Dennis Hickey, Mark IV IDS
Adrian Velicescu, StandardVision LLC
Alex Carru, Medialon
Lee Skolnick, Lee H. Skolnick Architecure + Design Partnership
Eli Kuslansky, Unified Field
Stijn Bröcker, Innovative Designs







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