DWP Sneak Peak!

Seven design teams bring temporary installations to the Portland Open Sequence. We explore the role of EGD and XGD in public space and push our creatively with temporary solutions. Come watch the installation during the day, and come back for the 'happening' starting at 6:30pm.   

Revolution in the Landscape: Re-experience Halprin's Fountains
Tuesday, October 7, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
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Begin your night with the discovery of a re-imagined landscape where typography, form, and light converge to promote playful interactions between people, nature, and architecture. Follow the river through the landscape—notice the roar of the water, the blowing wind, and moments of quiet, still waters. Become part of the changing landscape “...as you play in this garden please try to remember we’re all in this together...” - Lawrence Halprin

Design by: Mayer/Reed
Mayer/Reed is a multi-disciplinary studio providing urban design, landscape architecture, product design and graphic design services for the environments in which people live, learn, work and play. Our studio’s work in creating places for human activity explores the social, cultural, ecological and historic contexts that shape these environments.


Words—a continuous stream of thought— flow like a river to our next destination. Words often create a connection to place and each other. What is your connection to this place, the river, and northwest landscapes? Join the flow and the creation of shared meaning.

Design by: PSU GD: Words That Flow
Sharing, stimulating, narrating: Human communication involves the telling of ideas and themes that resonate with meaning, and inspiring designers understand this and practice it within their work. The Portland State’s graphic design program fosters approaches for meeting the needs of the larger design community. Research, concept, storytelling, craft, collaboration, and process are the key principles of our educational approach.


Halprin described his vision in a sketchbook as “a choreographed sequence of open spaces.” His comparison, no doubt, was inspired by his wife Anna, a choreographer and dancer, who helped her husband conceive of architectural spaces in terms of the human body and how it moves through those spaces. As a visitor in the park, your movements will bring “dancers” to life—twirling in reaction. Come, play, and dance.
Design by: Sticky Co.
We're a curious lot. Geeky. And arty.  Which is why we work at the intersection of creative design and technical development. That's where we can be most inventive. We like the intrigue of thinking about what's next. What hasn't been tried yet. What we can create if we push a few boundaries and challenge some assumptions.


A metaphoric river connecting Pettygrove Park to Lovejoy Fountain, you will be traveling against the current toward the source of the river. With a bit of adventure and a sense of humor, visitors will encounter a series of animated characters and their efforts to make it upstream.
Design by: PNCA: Animated Arts
The Animated Arts concentration within the Media Arts major embraces the hybrid-moving image by combining fine art practice and digital technologies. At a time when the boundaries between live action, animation, painting, photography, illustration, and design are dissolving, an interdisciplinary fine art approach encourages students to reimagine and create frame-based work for multiple contexts.

Halprin’s vision of a civic space that is choreographed for movement provides the inspiration for this installation. The Lovejoy Fountain is designed for participation and performance. Come together with others and share your experience of the sequence—and you will be invited to become the performer.
Design by: Second Story
We are storytellers, collaborators, and innovators creating bespoke interactive experiences in physical places. We engage audiences with touch, sight, and sound, inviting them to participate and weave their own story. The Second Story.


The river becomes a mere stream as it meanders through the mountain forest near its source. Seasons pass, leaves fall—these patterns highlight the natural and urban relationship that is prevalent throughout Halprin’s sequence and inspire Stephan Leseueurs installation. Follow a narrowing, delicate path as you wind to the water's origin.
Design by: Stefan Lesueur
Stefan Lesueur’s interest in space and environmental relationships create theme to his artistic practice. He engages a range of media, including painting, photography and installation, to communicate his observations and develop a narrative examining the ways in which time and human presence influence the nature of our surroundings.


This quiet space, hidden from view, could go unnoticed. In this unassuming moment, it is hard to imagine the rivers, streams, mountains, and cities that this water feeds—constantly moving, evolving and always connected. Words from Halprin and his wife, Anna, echo as the source of inspiration for the sequence and tonight’s experience where you have become audience, participant and performer.
Design by:
Third Angle New Music
We are devoted to creating and presenting musical events, works and collaborations that reflect the highest artistic expressions of our time, to instigating a creative dialogue through the works and artists presented, and to reinforcing the necessity for the voice of the living composer in our cultural heritage.

Gamut Arts
Out of the box graphic solutions to turn your big ideas into a reality.

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