Draft for Public Comment of AS 1428.4, Design For Access and Mobility—Wayfinding

Last year, Standards Australia released a Draft for Public Comment of "DR AS 1428.4.2:2018, Design for Access and Mobility, Part 4.2: Means to Assist the Orientation of People with Vision Impairment—Wayfinding Signs." Many in the wayfinding community collaborated on a joint response to the draft and a revision has recently been released for further comment. 

According to Sydney Chapter Chairs, Nick Bannikoff and Carlo Giannasca, the main points are as follows:

  • Many of the community's submitted comments have been taken into account.
  • Comments could be made on mandatory braille and tactile street address information and the building classes that require it.
  • Identification signage may (not "shall") be part of a wayfinding system.

"The majority of the standard is now advisory, but it is in the best interest of all parties impacted by this standard to review and comment on the new draft." they wrote in a message to fellow wayfinding professionals. "As a current or past SEGD member, we encourage you to apply your expertise to the process."

Availability to comment on the draft will close in a few short weeks on July 20, 2018. Read, download and comment here.

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