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Brisbane Multilingual Pedestrian Signage
Brisbane Multilingual Pedestrian Signage

Dotdash was established in Brisbane, Australia in 1987 by designers Despina Macris and Mark Ross. Over the last 25 years we have completed over 4,000 projects for a diverse range of clients.

Despina Macris and Mark Ross now lead an interdisciplinary design team providing design services to assist people to find their way around public places - wayfinding design.

This work helps to establish the identity and legibility of places providing both social and commercial benefits to the community.

Ultimately they believe their work contributes to the physical, social and cultural fabric of a place.

Dotdash regularly work with other design professionals in the construction industry such as architects, engineers, landscape architects and interior designers. Dotdash's clients include, managing contractors, property developers, government bodies and institutions.

They promote a constructive partnership with colleagues and clients to achieve the best possible project outcomes.

Projects span across all types of public sectors including health care, transportation, education, recreation, urban centres, civic places, retail and commercial, major events and parklands.

As a project based operation, Dotdash judges the success of a project on 4 key pillars:

  • Clients expectations are exceeded - so that they can return to us and recommend us to others
  • Design solutions are the best that we can provide - so that we continually learn, grow and expand in our core skills
  • A design team and management team that are aligned to the same goals and mutually supportive in achieving the best outcome
  • A financially profitable outcome that can be reinvested in our growth

Dotdash played a very active role in the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Their services included wayfinding strategy and design as well as developing the Look of the Games, the celebratory overlay throughout the venues. Since then Dotdash has gone on to consult on subsequent Games in Athens, Beijing, London and Sochi.

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Forty-eight individual panels, made of five layers of ¾-inch Starphire glass, capture the voices of disabled veterans.
Remembrance Through Public Installation—15 Memorials Built This Century

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ANZAC Memorial at Buchanan Park (by Dotdash)
Saluting ANZAC Day at Buchanan Park War Memorial

Australians and New Zealanders celebrated ANZAC

Transport for NSW Wayfinding (Dotdash)
Multi-Modal Wayfinding in New South Wales

Dotdash creates simplicity within complexity f

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