Don Kiel Wins Award for SEGD Auction Project

Don Kiel Wins Award for SEGD Auction Project: Caution Tape T-Shirt

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Retired Manager of Wayfinding & Visitor Information at New York-Presbyterian (and SEGD Auction hero), Donald Kiel, recently won a 2019 Communication Arts award for "Caution Tape T-Shirt." The project won in the Typography category under Miscellaneous and Art/Design and was produced specifically for the SEGD annual conference auction. 

Kiel writes of the project, “The SEGD auction encourages members and designers to submit unique items to be bid upon at the annual SEGD conference. Living in New York, I encounter caution tape everywhere. I thought the tape itself would make a great fashion and design statement. If one wore this T-shirt, the chances are she or he would be left alone! The fabric for the shirt is 100 percent bamboo from the ONNO T-Shirt Company.”

Thanks and congratulations, Don!

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Typeface: TheSans ExtraBold
Project Credits: Donald Kiel (designer), Eva Weise/Paris Images Screen Printing (print producer),  Ann Makowski/SEGD (client) 

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