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DLC-Lumisheet is a leading supplier of design friendly and energy efficient LED solutions, known for making big waves in the design community. Our cutting-edge products are made in facilities in both USA and Canada, boasting an impressive 50,000+ square feet of manufacturing floor. 

It began with LumiSheet. This patented invention changed the face of lighting design in retail and architecture. Before LumiSheet, light boxes were thick, plagued by hot spots, and often gave off poor quality light. DLC founder Mark Luo noticed that designers needed a better backlighting solution.  Something slim, evenly lit and energy efficient. In 2008, he introduced LumiSheet. It instantly took off, helping change the standards of lighting design. Stores are now brighter, displays are sleeker and merchandise is shown more accurately.

The DLC-Lumisheet entire line of LED products are developed for flexibility, allowing light design that’s only limited by one’s imagination.

DLC-Lumisheet offers coast to coast customer service across North America and beyond. DLC’s product experts are committed to finding solutions to our customers’ unique lighting challenges.

We create interactive LED light experiences, as well as design products such as  LED Light Panels, LED Light Boxes, and LED Light Bars. Always valuing quality, we include high CRI options.



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