On Display

This week, Planar Systems gave SEGD's San Diego Chapter a sneak peak at their latest and greatest display technology. Wow. For starters, the content that displays on the new LED monitors is almost as crisp as HD video. Not to mention the fact that the monitors themselves are gorgeous--which was something of a paradox in the age of tube and even flat screen displays. Planar has practically done away with unsightly bezels and with the transparent OLED monitor (the undisputed star of the show) they've practically done away with monitors as we know them.  Picture a completely transparent display-a la Minority Report- that plays video content digital images and that can overlay text as well. This technology is no longer sci-fi fantasy. It has finally arrived and it's pretty darn cool. 

Special thanks to Planar Systems and One Touch Living in San Diego for hosting the event. Good times were had by all, especially the lucky attendee who won the raffle and went home with a brand new 28" 4K LCD monitor. Congratulations!

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