Diseño Shakespear

photo of Ronald Shakespear

Diseño Shakespear (BUENOS AIRES) Founder and SEGD Fellow Ronald Shakespear was honored April 4 as the first Distinguished Designer of the city of Rosario, Argentina. The city’s Municipal Council presented Shakespear with the award at a ceremony at the Cultural Center Complex Parque España-Argentina.

Shakespear was born in Rosario in 1941 and founded Diseño Shakespear 52 years ago. The firm is now directed by his son Juan. Shakespear has been Chair Professor at the University of Buenos Aires and is Past President of ADG. He founded (DI UBA). He has won numerous awards, including the Silver Pencil Award in 1987 and the Konex Award in 1991. He was named SEGD Fellow in 2008. He has also given seminars, lectures, and workshops in 42 cities around the world. His last book Sign of Design, was re-published in 2009, and his new book, Revisiting the Sixties (with introductions by David Vanden-Eynden, Leslie Wolke, and Sandra Wheeler) will be released soon.

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