Digital Signage Greatest Hits (and Misses)

Greatest Hits (and misses) of Digital Signage at SEGD Vancouver
Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 5:30pm

JOIN AN INTERACTIVE SYMPOSIUM exploring the integration of digital media into branded environments, signage, interior design and architecture, brought to you by your local SEGD – Society for Experiential Graphic Design, Vancouver Chapter and SenovvA.

Interactivity and digital media are an integral part of almost every innovative project, whether it be a branding campaign, a stylish restaurant interior, an airport terminal or the Superbowl Halftime Show. Staying current and inspired, with a finger on the digital media pulse, is one great way to create imaginative immersive environments.

During the course of the evening we will examine how digital media can be a constructive (and destructive) part of your Experiential Design palette, and how it can be used to create inspiring, content-driven experiences, in corporate settings, retail, interpretive displays and entertainment.

WHAT: Appetizers, refreshments and an interactive “mini charrette" evening, full of hands-on learning on how to deliver a client-valuable experience, rather than a digital “White Elephant”.

WHO: The digital magicians from SenovvA, P. Michael Anderson and Dave Crainford, will lead guests through “the quagmire” of managing design and building teams for a typical digitally integrated feature.

WHEN: Thursday, November 16 

Arrive early to grab a drink and snack!
5:30pm Doors Open
6:00pm Presentation Begins

WHERE: NGX Interactive, 265 1st Ave East Vancouver, BC V5T 1A7 View Map





  • digital and interactive media enthusiasts
  • anyone who designs spaces or information
  • architects & interior designers
  • wayfinding and signage designers
  • visitor experience designers
  • graphic designers
  • sign fabricators
  • design and digital media students

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