Digital Signage Demystified

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What you will Learn:
This course introduces the listener to digital signage systems from a technical systems and content delivery perspective as well as a discussion about how digital signage technologies can be used to expand the design possibilities within a project.

•Investigate the criteria that you need to consider when creating dynamic digital signage discussed from the perspective of the fabricator and the designer.Bringing dynamic signage to a space - don't let the technology define the space
•Narrowcasting and how it works
•Approaches to Return on Investment (ROI) for digital signage
•The new expanded role of design in applications involving digital signage applications
•Using Digital Signage to create tonality, personality and design aesthetics for places

Questions Answered:
•What is the ROI of Digital Signage?
•How does dynamic digital signage expand my opportunities within a design project

Course Materials:
One audio file and one PDF presentation

Approximately 54:00 minutes

Danny Barncyz, The Barncyz Group
Al Jensen, Barco Media


Presented December 20, 2005

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