Digital Signage Demystified

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What you will Learn

This course introduces the listener to digital signage systems from a technical systems and content delivery perspective as well as a discussion about how digital signage technologies can be used to expand the design possibilities within a project.


  • Bringing dynamic signage to a space - don't let the technology define the space
  • Narrowcasting and how it works
  • Approaches to Return on Investment (ROI) for digital signage
  • The new expanded role of design in applications involving digital signage applications
  • Using Digital Signage to create tonality, personality and design aesthetics for places


Questions Answered

  • What is the ROI of Digital Signage?
  • How does dynamic digital signage expand my opportunities within a design project


Course Materials

  • One audio file and one PDF presentation



  • Approximately 54 minutes



  • Danny Barncyz, The Barncyz Group
  • Al Jensen, Barco Media


Presented December 20, 2005

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