Digital Signage

What is digital signage?

Digital Signage solutions such as large LED screens, LCD, projection video, and digital media meshare used to create experiences with content such as moving images, video, messages, and interfaces that help to enhance the experience of spaces. Digital Signage is also used for more functional uses such as menu boards, instructions, and advertising in public spaces indoors and outdoors.

There are many examples of award-winning projects that have successfully integrated digital technologiesint the environment in the SEGD Global Design Awards Galleries.Digital Signage is used in Placemaking and Identity,Exhibition,Public Installationprojects. Increasingly, Digital Signage solutions are also being used for Wayfindingwhich are using Digital Signage as they can be interactive and therefore customized to the user and easily updated.

Digital Signage can take the form of simple scrolling message boards or huge outdoor high-definition screens depending on the required application. They are almost infinitely flexible in size and can display content that does not change or that can constantly change. For the past two decades at least, LED screen technology, the leading technology in outdoor applications has been advancing in the areas of price, brightness, and resolution in a race to reach the same levels as LCD screens that people are used to in their homes. We are rapidly reaching the point where resolution will no longer be the key differentiator for this technology. Already there are solutions for flexible tiles that can be applied around shaped forms and scaled to the sizes required. Depending on the application and goals of a project, the cost of such technologies is already acceptable, but further cost reductions can be expected in the future as the technologies sales scale.


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