Diane Burk

Diane Burk, Museum Designer/Art Director at the Exploratorium in San Francisco
San Francisco

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Diane Burk has just returned from a yearlong around the world Design Sabbatical. Check out Diane Burk's design blog "Design to Go". Newly inspired, she's ready to explore fresh opportunities in museum consulting, design correspondence, design forums and education...
An award winning San Francisco based museum design professional, Diane Burk has 32 years experience as Graphic Designer/Art Director at the Exploratorium. Her work is founded on a specific expertise in interactive exhibit design, including use drawing systems, and expands to visitor research, exhibition experiential graphic design, event design, systems design, and branding.

Diane Burk's perspective is user/visitor-centric, and her thinking is flexible, creative, and critical. She enjoys working with curators to synthesize complex material and brainstorm interpretive strategies, embracing the full range of possible messaging. Diane Burk loves conceptual design thinking and developing design briefs. On team she collaborate easily with scientists, artists, designers and content experts from any field. she welcomes the challenge of coaxing unique types of order out of chaos, looking for direct and honest design solutions.

Diane Burk's abilities come into play where the communication arts intersect with real environments and direct experience. As an Art Director, she focuses on inspiration, mentoring, critical thinking and collaboration within a design group.

On a personal note, her favorite medium is collage, as another way to explore the relationship between word and image. To keep her sanity, she plays accordion and is a Taoist Tai Chi instructor.

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See her design travel blog as she goes around the world reporting back on all the interesting little design gems and different cultural interpretations of the museum concept she finds along the way.

Diane Burk on Medium

Diane Burk's Sketchbook

Diane Burk's Sketchbook
Diane Burk's Sketchbook

" If graphic design is the arrangement of word and image to communicate a predetermined message, then for me collage is graphic art in the service of mystery."


Diane Burk
San Francisco, California

Collection of Collages and "Use Drawings"


Design To Go

Read Time: 1.5 minutes

In this installment of Design To Go, Diane Burk travels to Spain, visiting the beautiful cities of Barcelona and Madrid. The biggest city on the Mediterranean, Barcelona is a cultural, economic, entertainment, educational and tourism center for Southern Europe. Madrid is the capital of Spain and the largest municipality in Spain as a whole—and boasts many of its historic buildings and districts kept intact.

August 2017: Spain Part II

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