DI Makes the All-Star Team (and Hits a Home Run)

Lorenzo Cain uses SnapBat at the 2015 MLB Home Run Derby

Major League Baseball and Samsung asked Dimensional Innovations(Overland Park, Kansas) to help capture the action at the 2015 All-Star Game this week in Cincinnati. So DI’s Innovation Lab created SnapBat, a baseball bat selfie stick that holds the newest Samsung phone and takes really great photos.

DI hit a home run with SnapBat, and while they were at it, they also whipped up a bracket board for the Home Run Derby.

While DI is typically involved in designing and building much larger-scale projects--including branding and technology experiences for sports facilities and other cultural and entertainment spaces--CEO and President Tucker Trotter says the DI team was excited to help out a long-term client by imagining and building a smaller-scale result. 

"DI does typically do much larger-scale projects, but our Innovation Lab is set up for projects just like this. The lab is our product design group, made up of industrial designers and makers who specialize in rapid prototyping and smaller projects like wearable technology, interactives, and the 'unusual' like the SnapBat. MLB is a client of ours, so when they asked if we could do it only a couple of weeks ago, we loved the idea and jumped all over it!"

Watch the video about how SnapBat was designed and made. 


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