Developing Digital Content with SenovvA's P. Michael Anderson

Xplorer Digital Foundations Bootcamp is a one-day, hands-on workshop designed for creatives who want to enhance their 101 level skills for creating and managing digital experiential graphic design projects.

P. Michael Anderson's July 14, 2016 Xplorer Digital Foundations Bootcamp session promises to be a warp-speed experience in how to best manage the development of original video, motion graphics, and other media with linear and generative sources (aka “plug-and-play” and “rendered-on-the-fly”)  and how to plan for their production. Because his session on content development is in the “batting cleanup position” of the day, P. Michael Anderson plans on readdressing content creation and curation introduced by other session leaders (VR, Web, Projection mapping). He will further learning acquired in other sessions by staging focused design charettes, running exercises in content creation and encouraging hands-on exploration of the newest technology.

P. Michael Anderson is SenovvA's executive for business development.  He is a 24+ year veteran technical director and production designer of corporate, social and entertainment events, as well as media systems design and deployments. He has provided services to clients such as Google, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Qualcomm and YouTube.

The basics, however─ like defining terms─are an important part of P. Michael Anderson's session. "I want people to be comfortable with the language of technology employed in design," Anderson says.  "They should come away from this Xplorer bootcamp seeing digital media as simply another design material."  He also will focus his audience on the need to incorporate planning into content development so that it is as much a part of the design as the material.

SenovvA is a sponsor and host of SEGD’s Xplorer Foundations Bootcamp in Los Angeles June 14th. SenovvA's facilities in the LA Arts District are perfect for designers' exposure to the latest tools in the digital media toolbox.  Participants will go behind the scenes at SenovvA for a look at the latest media from the labs whose collaborations deliver experiential technology for the most exciting design projects─like the 2016 Oscars' production.

High tech workstations located throughout SenovvA's space will have knowledgeable people nearby to guide participants, but everyone will be encouraged to poke around and play with touch screens and specialty displays.   

Other Xplorer Digital Foundations Bootcamp speakers and sessions that day include:

Lauren Kelly Sheridan, Mustard Square | Designing with Code                                                                                          

Refik Anadol, Refik Anadol Studio | VR Opportunities

Jeff Grantz, Materials & Methods | Projection Mapping

Add a morning networking session at SenovvA, lunch in the LA Arts District, and an evening reception hosted by the SEGD LA Chapter and July 14th's Xplorer Bootcamp will leave you (probably exhausted, but) happy with your new skills—and new friends to boot.  

Register now,so you don't miss this golden opportunity to gain these critical digital experiential graphic design skills (in one place, on one day)! 

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