Designtex and Steelcase Celebrate 100 Years of the Bauhaus

Designtex and Steelcase Celebrate 100 Years of the Bauhaus (image: photo of speakers on stage)

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Susan Lyons, President of Designtex, joined Monika Stadler, artist and daughter of Gunta Stölzl, and Angelika Nollert, Director of Die Neue Sammlung—The Design Museum—to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus and discuss Bauhaus as a role model for modern company culture, and how it has influenced them & the design industry as a whole on March 15, 2019 at the Steelcase Learning + Innovation Center in Munich. The Bauhaus (1919-1933) was the most influential design school of the 20th century. It shaped the curriculum for contemporary design education by combining artistic and craft training. 

Gunta Stölzl, a Munich native, joined the Bauhaus in 1919. In 1925, she became its first (and only) female master. Instrumental in founding the Bauhaus weaving workshop, her passion for textiles was a strong influence on her students, among them Anni Albers. Stölzl’s designs focused on color contrast, graphic abstraction, surface texture and material innovation. “Design for a Wall Hanging, 1926” is an example of this approach.

The Bauhaus Project, launching in the fall, is an initiative by Designtex to honor the work of Gunta Stölzl and Anni Albers, two female textile pioneers trained at the Bauhaus. Both deserve renewed attention for their seminal contributions to modern textiles as functional and aesthetic products.

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