Designtex 5x5, A Crypton® Collection

Designtex 5x5, A Crypton® Collection

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In celebration of Crypton's 25th anniversary and their foundational partnership with Designtex, the two innovators have teamed up once again to introduce a special collection that pays homage to art, design, technology, performance and two pioneering leaders in the contract textile industry. 

Designtex commissioned five contemporary artists from around the world—each with a distinct vision, unique approach and process, and amazing use of color—and expanded their works into five colorways each to complete the collection. The 25 colorways are then digitally printed onto Crytpon-backed upholstery textiles at Designtex’s state-of-the-art digital printing facility in Portland, Maine using a cutting edge digital printing process that insures a clarity of image and striking color.

The featured artists include: Arturo Guerrero (Line Variations), Elizabeth Atterbury (Social Dance), Ellie Malin (Five Cities), Kapitza (CrissCross), and Phillip David Stearns (BitDrift). 5x5 is also a celebration of the two companies and the women behind them—Susan Lyons, President of Designtex and Randy Rubin, Co-founder of Crypton—two innovative veterans in the industry, who share a rich and successful history. Under their leadership, both Crypton and Designtex have had a tremendous impact on contract textiles and contract design as a whole; the collection is a celebration of their shared commitment to design, to the needs of the industry, to innovation and performance—exhibited through a collection, and a medium, that perfectly reflects their partnership. 

Last, but certainly not least, the Designtex 5x5, A Crypton Collection pays homage to the amazing power that art and design have on a space, a mood, and even the healing process. To emphasize that power, Designtex and Crypton are partnering with RxArt, a non-profit organization whose mission is to help children heal through the extraordinary power of visual art. A portion of the proceeds will benefit this worthwhile cause. 

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