Designing for Empathy Call for Entries

Designing for Empathy

The Designing for Empathy Student Community is an initiative intended to deeply engage students in the functions and ethos of ONE - Organization of Networks for Empathy and the Annual Designing for Empathy Summit. The Designing for Empathy Student Community is comprised of two main components: a scholarship competition built around the ethos of designing for empathy and acknowledgement at the annual summit scheduled for October 25-27th, 2023 at SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. 

The scholarship is a competition for recognition of excellence in students’ works demonstrating the evolving definition and intentions of empathy in the creative arts and design, with awards made in the form of monetary compensation and recognition at the annual summit. Participation in the summit provides students with opportunities for engagement and agency in featuring how emerging creatives and future thought leaders embrace empathy in the arts, museums and designed experiences.  

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