Thursday, March 23, 2023 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Riga Chapter Event on March 23 4 pm- 6 pm Riga time (EET)

Event link to Zoom: Quo Vadis Design & Education? We face multiple intertwined crises, such as wars, economic disparity, poverty, global warming. Designers have proposed for several decades that the world needs design (or “design thinking”) to solve these problems, assures Hugh Dubberly from Dubberly Design Office and points out that this mindset reflects misconceptions about the world in which designers work and what designers do. “Designers who have been involved in the design community for more than 15 years should have noticed how much the role of design has changed, moving from being merely an artistic activity to being an activity that ‘makes everything possible’”, says Sheila Pontis, lecturer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There are courses of design thinking and design being sold that are only a few weeks long, promising to become a designer after ‘quickie course’, warns International Council of Design. Is ‘performative design’ devaluating design education and what is the future of professional design education? What is thinking and creating through material today? What is the role of research in design as cognition of knowledge? Is design education socially responsible and sustainable? Challenges in design and education will be discussed in SEGD Riga Chapter. We welcome design educators, practitioners, entrepreneurs, representatives of government bodies and nongovernmental organisations to be part of our discussion. Moderator: Aija Freimane, Ph.D., Lecturer and Design Researcher, Technological University Dublin School of Art and Design, Ireland; SEGD Riga Chapter Co-Chair Speakers: Satu Miettinen Professor of Service Design, Dean Faculty of Art and Design, University of Lapland, Finland, CUMULUS Board member. Andris Teikmanis Ph.D., Professor of the Art Academy of Latvia, Chairman of the Higher Education Council, Republic of Latvia. Robert Tully Senior Lecturer in Design with research interests in the area of creative pedagogies and sustainable education, Technological University Dublin School of Art and Design, Ireland. Language: ENG Organized by: #SEGDRigaChapter and #designstudioH2E

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