Design and Planning for Parks, Heritage and Visitor Facilities

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What you will learn:
This workshop focused on a technical approach to information design and wayfinding for these places, as well as competencies that can be used to develop these projects.

This workshop was targeted at urban planners, city and park officials, designers, fabricators, and clients in non-profit institutions with a strong interest in identity, wayfinding, and the development of sign systems.

Questions Answered: 
•What sort of feedback do you get on your museum design work and how do you use it to inform the design process?
•How did you arrive at a design for such a historic institution that everybody knows?  
•Do you offer clients a full service offer?

Podcast Materials:
1 audio file and 1 PDF presentations

Approximately 277:00 minutes

Don Meeker, Don Meeker Associates
Patrick Gallagher, Gallagher & Associates
Elizabeth Reed, Selbert Perkins Design
Craig Berger, SEGD
Richard Rabinowitz, American History Workshop
Barbara Franco, City Museum of Washington DC
Cliff Selbert, Selbert Perkins Design
Leslie Gallery Dilworth, SEGD

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