Deconstructing the Customer Experience Technology Stack at DesignX and Digital Signage Expo 2016

Behind the smart digital experiences you create for your clients, there are multiple layers of technology, hardware, platforms and providers to sort through. Douglas Hampton-Dowson and Bryson Hyte of Reality Interactive will help you “Deconstruct the Technology Stack” with a guided tour of the Digital Signage Expo show floor March 16. It’s all part of SEGD’s DesignX partnership with DSE.

You’ll want to be there March 15-16 at DesignX at Digital Signage Expo 2016!

Digital Signage Expo March 15-18 in Las Vegas is THE place to see the future of digital communications and interactive technology. During the weeklong event, SEGD is partnering with DSE 2016 for DesignX, a full-day workshop Tuesday March 15 and a half-day DSE guided tour March 16. Douglas Hampton-Dowson,Creative Director, and Bryson Hyte, Chief Technology Officer for Reality Interactive, will lead DesignX attendees on an insider’s look at emerging technologies, platforms and possibilities.

We spoke with Doug this week as he planned the tour.

What are your objectives for the DesignX/DSE 2016 tour?

For designers to execute smart digital experiences for their clients, they need to have a basic knowledge of all the many pieces and parts that go into it, and how they fit together. As we started planning the tour, we realized that wandering around the show floor looking at screens here and software services there can be really intimidating.

We call it the technology stack. If you buy one of those beautiful screens, what goes behind that? When you execute a digital project, you’re rolling out this entire technology stack. We plan to use the tour to help guide you through the process.

How will the tour start?

We’ll start with what ultimately faces the customer: the screen or touch surface that customers interact with. Then we’ll go backward from there. What is happening behind that screen? Well, most likely it’s a sensor, and behind that, a computer or media player, and behind that, connectivity and behind that, some kind of data system….and on and on. There’s a whole string of things that have to happen before that content on the screen can ever get to the end user.

So we’ll be mapping out a route that takes DesignX attendees through that entire sequence.

What else will you be exploring?

We’ll also highlight some of the cool and more bleeding-edge products on show. We expect real-time data collection and sensors to be a big part of it, since there’s a lot going on in this part of the digital world.  We’ll probably see a lot of new sensors and applications.

Why are sensors so important to designing compelling customer experiences?

The thing that’s really exciting right now is the idea of smart experiences, ones that can dynamically change based on who is looking at them, or what time or day it is, or the weather or whatever. Sensors are really helpful in collecting data to drive those experiences--data such as how many people are interacting with the experience, or their gender or age. That allows us to change the content and create these really dynamic experiences. It’s about how the experience can react to internal and external factors.

Why do you think a guided tour of the show floor is such a good idea?

This is a vendor conference with hundreds of products on show. It can be really confusing if you don’t have a plan of attack! Also, a lot of the products look really great but they’re unproven—so it’s good to have an “expert” by your side! Really, it’s just a great way to make sense of a lot of information coming at you. We’re looking forward to it!

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For a sneak preview of products being introduced at DSE 2016, visit the DSE New Product Showcase.

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