Debra Satterfield

Debra Satterfield is the Owner at BrainCreate and an Assistant Professor at California State University Long Beach in Orange County, CA.
Orange County

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Debra Satterfield is the Owner at BrainCreate in Orange County, CA. 

Debra Satterfield is empowering and mentoring tomorrow’s Thought Leaders today through high impact, individualized education experiences both online and face-to-face. Debra provides mentoring in User Experience Design, Design for Social Inclusion, Design for Behavioral Change, Design for Aging and Life Stages, and Design for Supporting and Empowering Persons with all Levels Of Cognitive and Physical Abilities. 

BrainCreate,LLC offers workshops for middle school and high school students to give them pre-collegiate experiences in the areas of industrial design, experience design, interior design, and architecture. Debra Satterfield's own creative work is in UX design for Design for Social Inclusion and Design for Behavioral Change. Specific areas of interest include the social and emotional aspects of health care and the design of educational experiences for children with developmental disabilities that focus on social inclusion and communication. Debra's areas of expertise in design for disabilities are mainly focused on autism spectrum disorders, epilepsy, CP, and brain injuries.

Specialties Include: Design Workshops, Graphic Design, Experience Design, Design Research, and Consulting.

Debra Satterfield is also an Associate Professor at California State University Long Beach where she teaches experience design and human interaction design.

Debra graduated from Morningside College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and Art. She went n to receive her Master of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design from Iowa State University. 

Connect with Debra Satterfield on LinkedIn. 

See her work at BrainCreate. 


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