Dear Boss, Here's Why You Should Send Me to Xlab 2018

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Do you want to attend the digital experiential graphic design event of the year, but your boss doesn't understand how attending is a good use of company funds? Maybe they need a little persuading to approve your trip to Brooklyn for Xlab 2018.We've got you covered: Here is a short and sweet letter that can help your boss see the ROI.


Dear [Supervisor’s Name]

I would like to attend SEGD's Xlab 2018 as a representative of our firm, in Brooklyn, New York, November 1–2. My participation will be a solid investment for our company and my development—here’s why:

  • I’ll further our business development goals and grow our network (by connecting with new partners, clients, vendors and fabricators during tours, breaks and social events). 


  • I‘ll learn from the leaders of top-level design firms (like Bluecadet, Gallagher & Associates, Google UX, Lorem Ipsum and more).


  • I’ll bring my newfound knowledge back to the office to share with you and my co-workers (and direct you to the SEGD Talks I learned the most from). 


  • I’ll gather intelligence on the latest trends and technologies (and find out what leading firms are using and why).


  • I’ll Tweet/Facebook/Instagram post and blog about the conference while I’m there, raising awareness for our company (and making us look very tech savvy in the process). 


  • I’ll meet the next generation of design students coming up (and will extoll the virtues of working for our firm).


  • I’ll be excited, refreshed and inspired to take on new projects (we've all been hard at work lately, this would give me a much-needed boost).



And last but not least, we’ll get our money’s worth, with two jam-packed days of sessions and talks, project and firm tours and networking events (not to mention the additional value-added of participation in New York Digital Signage Week)!


[Your Hard-Working, Go-Getting, Forward-Thinking Employee]


Can't wait to see you at Xlab 2018!

Wait, are you the boss? Invest in your employee's development and inspiration by sending them to Brooklyn this November 1–2!

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