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Where Design Meets Durability

What is the DE Powder Coated Graphics Coating Process?
The DE Powder Coated Graphics process marries time tested powder coating technology with an advanced transfer innovation allowing the application of permanent, high resolution imaging onto any flat or dimensional surface. This decorative finishing process is a perfect application for a variety of materials including aluminum, steel, ceramic, and glass. It can be applied pre or post fabrication, is post formable and along with its anti -graffiti and anti-microbial properties it is one of the most durable finishing processes in the market place today.

Who are we?
DE Powder Coated Graphics is a team of talented professionals with backgrounds in fabrication, printing, powder coating, engineering and project management. We are a service oriented technology provider with prototyping, value engineering, budget analysis, fabrication, and finishing capabilities. Our focus is on offering our solution based services to EGD designers and fabricators developing signs, exhibitions, environments, and architectural elements.

What do we do?
Color match, sample, engineer, plan, shop drawings, facilitate design, print, laminate, fabricate, paint, powder coat, project manage, install and service…. All under one roof.

What solutions do we provide clients to meet their goals:

  • Graphic review and color matching
  • Samples and prototypes
  • Printing on 3-dimensional surfaces including returns and sculptural surfaces
  • Connection details to integrate printed surfaces with other materials
  • Shipping and installation support

What sets us apart from others?
By combining DE Powder Coated Graphics, our 3-D embedding process, our fabrication capabilities and our commitment to pushing the envelope in all things related to production and finishing we are uniquely positioned to be a one stop source for providing design/fabrication facilitation, orders of magnitude, prototypes and samples, fabrication and project management support. Our unwavering dedication and commitment to our clients and their needs,

You can reach us 24/7, 365 days a year by picking up the phone, we are that committed to service and response!

We turn the ordinary into extraordinary! With our production facility, state of the art powder coating equipment, and our 3-D embedding process we will turn your design intent into a beautiful and cutting edge reality.

View more work from DE Powder Coated Graphics on their website.


Signage Program for Ohio State Football Field.


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