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SEGD Global Design Awards

Etsy Global Headquarters
Etsy Global Headquarters
Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum Signage
Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum Signage
Grace Farms Signage and Wayfinding
Grace Farms Signage and Wayfinding
Pike & Rose
Pike & Rose
Governors Island Signage
Governors Island Signage
The Public Theater Renovation

DCL (Design Communications Ltd.) is an SEGD Award winning fabricator of high quality EGD/XGD installations with headquarters in Boston. DCL provides services from engineering through manufacturing and implementation. DCL is a 2015 SEGD Platinum Industry Partner sponsoring events and educational initiatives for the Environmental Graphic Design profession. DCL has been involved in the signage business for about 31 years producing many well-known SEGD award winning projects.

DCL is led by Mark Andreasson. Over the past three and a half decades DCL has worked for many of the top firms in EGD, who turn to them when they need a trusted partner to execute a project flawlessly for them at a very high-quality standard.

Read more about their work on Cleveland, Ohio's Playhouse Square rejuvenation project

Here is a list of DCL's services:

DCL Management

Pre-construction services:

  • Cost analysis
  • Scheduling
  • Work plans
  • Resource planning
  • Vendor qualification

Construction management:

  • Solicitation of bid
  • Contract administration
  • Manage the works
  • Project documentation

Project management and coordination:

  • Matrix based management model
  • Progress tracked through custom software
  • Detailed project specific plans
  • Project quality control plan
  • Project safety plan


  • Credibility and capacity establishment
  • Discovery and solution design
  • Risk management analysis
  • Presentations

DCL Design Engineering


  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Structural
  • Feasibility
  • Value engineering studies

Product development:

  • Brainstorming of new product concepts
  • Technical feasibility screening
  • Virtual computer aided rendering and rapid prototyping
  • Beta testing and technical implementation

CAD drawing services:

  • Shop drawings
  • Construction drawings
  • Submittal drawings
  • As-built drawings
  • Design drawings

Materials & technology reference:

  • Concept, design, and specification support
  • Standard reference materials
  • Theory and practical application analysis
  • Issues of whole-life cost and sustainability

DCL Manufacturing

Fabrication & Technologies:

  • Millwork, metal, and plastic fabrication
  • Electrical assemblies and programming
  • Computer aided routing and water/laser jet cutting
  • Scenic painting, murals, and silk screen printing
  • Photopolymers, etching casting, and sandblasting
  • Faux finishes, spray painting, powder coating, and baked enamel


  • Architectural, wayfinding and custom signage
  • Sculpture
  • Railings, light fixtures, furniture, and extrusions
  • Themed interiors
  • Specialties


  • Stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, magnesium, and copper
  • Stone and glass
  • Thermoplastics, PVC/EVPC, and urethane
  • Adhesives
  • Woods and hardwoods
  • Composites and laminates
  • LED, fiber optics, neon, and UL/ETL
  • Porcelain enamel and specialty coatings

DCL Implementation:

  • Logistical planning
  • Site management
  • Distribution systems
  • National & international rollouts

DCL Project Types:

  • Civic
  • Corporate
  • Cultural
  • Education & Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Retail & mixed-use
  • Transportation

Visit DCL.'s website to see more of their work and talk to them about your next award-winning project.


Inside DCL

CallisonRTKL Dallas office
A Day at CallisonRTKL Dallas: Tools of the Trade

Located in the heart of the city, CallisonRTKL

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DCL - As We Are

Design Communications Ltd. (DCL)

2016 Design X - Budgeting for Digital : Client Guidance - Mark Andreasson, Bryson Hyte, Jerry Harris

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