Dawn Diamond

Dawn Diamond
Houston, TX

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I am a strong program design and project management professional, skilled in Experiential Design, Wayfinding, Logo development, and Exhibits. As a Vice President, I have a demonstrated history of effective design, communication and leadership skills, deployed in a variety of industries including Healthcare, Education, Retail, Museum, Sports and Entertainment, Residential and Commercial Development, as well as State and Federal Government.

I enjoy what I do in large part because the projects and industries I work in require teamwork and collaboration. I like the variety of people and disciplines that I get to interact with. I also get a thrill working through a creative process with clients to arrive at solutions that are made greater for the sum of everyone’s contributions. I appreciate the miracle of inspiration and have a lot of gratitude for my career that allows me to witness creativity and inspiration in so many different industries and with so many different types of people.

As a young designer I hoped for a steady paycheck doing something I could enjoy. My career has more than delivered!

Volunteer Activities:
I am active in Scouts BSA as a Leader and Merit Badge Counselor. I’m also a huge science nerd and am a STEM Nova Counselor and Supernova Mentor in Scouts BSA. I also volunteer as a counselor at Texas A&M Galveston’s Sea Camp in the summers. I am a sponsor of 3 children and an elder through Unbound.org. I also contribute graphic design services to a number of different causes and organizations.

Social Media Presence:
I’m not on Twitter and my Facebook Page isn’t public. I’m old enough that my childhood was spent in an analog world, and I don’t really need or want an online following. I’m not a luddite, I just don’t seek an audience for my personal activities. I think I heard, “…this will go down on your permanent record!” one too many times in my youth.

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