Davis Marketing Associates now represents Provis Graphic

Davis Marketing Associates (DMA) now represents Provis Graphics

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Davis Marketing Associates (DMA), a leading specifier and exclusive manufacturer representative of critical materials and components sold into the North American LED-illuminated signage & graphic industry, now represents Provis Graphic, a leading European wholesale manufacturer of trim-less, low-profile UL-listed LED-illuminated letterforms.

“We’re excited about this unique partnership between DMA and Provis Graphic, focused on advancing the field of LED-illuminated graphics and dimensional signage, which we are passionate about,” says Ken Davis, principal at DMA.  Ken adds, “This synergistic addition to our select portfolio which currently includes Plaskolite acrylic and Sloan LEDs among other high-quality manufacturers, provides even greater value to our customer base.”

Kenan Hanhan, President and co-founder of Provis Graphic LLC, the North American subsidiary of Provis Graphic adds, “we see inherent synergies between DMA’s LED-illuminated graphics technology expertise and Provis Graphic’s leading European range of low-profile trim-less precision LED-illuminated signage solutions, including a new choice in North America for field-proven, precision-illuminated cast block acrylic letterforms with embedded LEDs, UL and CE certified.”

DMA will have a North American specification focus, with the addition of consultative “outside” territory representation coverage across the Mid Atlantic, Great Lakes, and New England Regions of the USA.

About Davis Marketing Associates (DMA)
Founded in 1967, Davis Marketing Associates (DMA) is a Manufacturers’ Representative consultative agency in the USA that provides a personal link between product manufacturers, distributors and the ecosystem of designers, fabricators, printers, and end users in the display, architectural sign, exhibition and printing community.  To learn more, visit DavisMarketingInc.com.

About Provis Graphic
Founded in 1994, Provis Graphic™ is a leading European wholesale manufacturer of custom, low-profile, trim-less precision-illuminated signage to stretch the possibilities of design.  To learn more, visit us ProvisGraphic.comin North America, and Provis.bain Europe, Middle East, and Africa.  Provis Products are CE and UL listed.

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