David Rockwell Wins Tony for Best Scenic Design

Rockwell She Loves Me

David Rockwell received the 2016 Tony Award for Best Scenic Design for the musical She Loves Me. David's set for the Roundabout Theater's Broadway revival centers on a jewel-box parfumerie that mirrors the emotions of the narrative as it opens, closes and pivots, dancing to the score. She Loves Me takes place in Budapest over the course of 1930. David used intricate Art Nouveau details to bring the set to life, creating a holistic world filled with seemingly unending curiosities.

David Rockwell says, "One of my favorite stagecraft challenges is engineering sets that nestle together. Like Russian Dolls, the pieces open sequentially to reveal multiple settings. The mechanics and sequencing of She Loves Me's stage elements had to fit together in multiple configurations. Although it appears to open and close as a single unit, the parfumerie is actually composed of four independent pieces. The stage right and stage left walls—which show both the exterior and interior of the shop—operate in separate curved tracks. Each of these wall units is designed with a large circular gear ring built into the base of each unit. The gear ring allows each unit to rotate to an open or closed position as it travels along its curved track. Acting as a giant transformer (in the classic tradition of stagecraft), the set opens up to reveal an interior emblazoned with Art Nouveau motifs and vitrines packed with hundreds of jewel-toned bottles."

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