David Middleton

David Middleton
Kent, OH

SEGD Global Design Awards

Alesari, Kent State University, Zak Kruszynski, David Roll, Kayne Toukonen
Kent State University Academic Athletic Center, Ami Khosravi, Jerad Lavey, Kent State University
Kent State University Academic Athletic Center
Sankofa Place, Chicago Public Schools, Kimball-Hill Homes, Anne Berry, Kristal Ernst, Kent State University
Sankofa Place

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2012 Distinguished Member Award honoree and 2006 Angel Award honoree

David Middleton is a leading EGD educator and one of the key architects of SEGD’s Academic Education program. An Associate Professor of Visual Communication Design at Kent State University (Kent, Ohio), he served on the SEGD Board of Directors from 2006 to 2012 and was a member of its Academic Education Committee. Since 2003, he has directed and curated the Kent State/SEGD Summer Workshop, a structured, high-level immersion in environmental graphic design. Currently, he is working on the launch of a new SEGD academic journal, Communication + Place.

“The energy and spirit of collaboration that David brings to his work for SEGD—and to his vocation as a design educator—has had a vital and significant impact on this field and this organization,” says Sue Gould, president of Lebowitz | Gould | Design (New York) and chair of SEGD’s Excellence Awards committee. “To say that David is an inspiration to his fellow SEGD members is an understatement. He has proven his dedication and commitment to the next generation of environmental graphic designers time and time again, and he embodies what SEGD is all about: educating EGD professionals and the students who aspire to become those professionals.”

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