Danielle Bauer

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Vancouver, Canada

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Danielle Bauer is a natural convener and communicator who is passionate about user experience design, placemaking and urban planning. She encourages and facilitates multi-disciplinary collaboration, stakeholder and public engagement, and leads design processes that help create places that are intuitively accessed and that lead to delightful user experiences.

She has more than 10 years experience in the Communications field and is the Managing Director of Cygnus British Columbia and the Chair of the Vancouver City Planning Commission. She has more than fifteen years experience in user-focused design for built and virtual environments. A natural convener, Danielle Bauer is passionate about participatory engagement models and holistic design processes.

The improvement of public places through innovation and evidence-based design is the focus of Danielle Bauer's work, which involves the disciplines of urban planning, placemaking, wayfinding and interpretive design. She is a strong advocate and facilitator of multi-disciplinary collaboration and public engagement processes, leading to solutions that are thoughtfully integrated, highly functional, and evoke feelings of surprise and delight.

Danielle Bauer is also a member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI BC) and GDC (Society of Graphic Designers of Canada). She was previously an SEGD Chapter Chair for Vancouver, BC.

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