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Xlab 2014, Nov. 6 at SVA Theatre, New York
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Daniel Meyers is a Co-Founding Principal at plus & greater than in Portland, Oregon. 

Daniel Meyers explores intersections: between design practices, between art and commerce, between emotion and intellect. He pursues a place-making practice for the 21st century. 

Daniel’s work has included exhibition design, focused architectural practice, and Creative Direction for category leading studios and agencies in the emerging post-digital world; he has helped redefine the relationship between digital and physical practices. Daniel leads the design, development, and execution of projects which blend art, architecture, exhibit and interior design, and digital design in service of enriched and connected human experience. He works closely with clients and collaborators to create projects that join design, technology, and content seamlessly and with one voice. He provides creative leadership for integrated multidisciplinary teams. Daniel has created groundbreaking projects for leading commercial, cultural, and private clients across the globe. He teaches and lectures on architecture and experience design, and has published on topics related to his practice. 

Daniel is a Registered Architect in the state of Oregon with a background in the design of experience and narrative-driven responsive environments.. Daniel holds an M.Arch from the School of Architecture and Allied Arts at the University of Oregon, and a BA in English Literature from Reed College.

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Sesson 2a CONTENT Second Story Traci Sym + Daniel Meyers Communicate and Connect with Relevance and Emotion

2018 SEGD Exhibition and Experience Design - New Methodologies in Exhibition Design: Startup Practice Perspectives Dialogue

2018 SEGD Exhibition and Experience Design - Daniel Meyers & Traci Sym: Startup Practice Perspectives

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Sesson 2d CONTENT Moderated Panel Communicate and Connect with Relevance and Emotion

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