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The Dalton Agency is a digital creative studio specializing in visual information design and interactive media. We work with a variety of clients including corporations, museums, schools and libraries. Our mission is to provide our clients with creative, technology-driven solutions to educate, entertain, and motivate their target audience.

Our Studio
Where does all this creativity happen? In Nashville, Tennessee; a town with a reputation for creativity and serious tech talent. As a part of the Nashville community, we pride ourselves on putting where our money where our mouth is. At the beginning of 2010, The Dalton Agency joined the redevelopment of the East Nashville business district turning and old Diesel engine repair shop into our current home. Our trendy side of town was recently named one of the coolest neighborhoods in America by Thrillist.

Tell us your fave color...
In 2015, The Dalton Agency installed an aluminum sculpture on the exterior of our building. This sculpture was conceived by our staff to represent our purpose, strength and most importantly... our creativity. Hidden behind the sculpture are LEDs that we use to celebrate our local community and national causes. From time to time, we also take requests. if you would like to see our building lit in support of a cause, just send us a request.

marketing communications, brand identity, interactive media, touch screen applications, print collateral, motion graphics, video, content production, interactive exhibits, digital media installations, animation, and event production

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