Daktronics and DCL Produce Curved LED Feature Display for Complexity Gaming

Daktronics and DCL Deliver Curved LED Feature Display for Complexity Gaming

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The production of a double-sided, twisting LED media feature that now serves as the centerpiece for Complexity Gaming's Esports training venue in Frisco, Texas, was the result of a collaboration between Daktronics of Brookings, South Dakota and Design Communications Limited (DCL) of Boston, Massachusetts, who engineered, managed, fabricated and installed the engaging media display using narrow Daktronics LED displays.

"DCL has relied on Daktronics as one of its preferred US-based LED display providers," says Jeff Grantz, Director of Creative Technologies at DCL. "This project, although a complex engineering feat, ended up being a perfect application for Daktronics' 3-inch tall, 4-millimeter and 10-millimeter LED modules. We were able to collaborate with their engineering team to resolve a tightly faceted curve that conforms to the various twists and turns of the ribbon while integrating the necessary support structure, power supplies and controllers within a 7-inch deep custom cabinet, fabricated by DCL. Complexity was one project that certainly lived up to its name."

Conceptualized by ICRAVE NY, the Daktronics engineering team and DCL experts worked closely to solve the unique challenge of engineering and installing a high-resolution 4-millimeter LED digital solution that appears to float within the environment using precision design, fabrication and creative installation methods.

The curved, twisting aesthetic was achieved by the creative use of 4-millimeter quarter-module LED building blocks, enhanced by the high-brightness 10-millimeter LED technology on the backside of the curve to optimize resolution and brightness for audiences both in and outside of the facility.

This installation comes in three sections: the largest section facing inward, featuring a 4-millimeter line spacing and measuring 3 feet high by 53 feet long; the smaller outward-facing section, also featuring a 4-millimeter line spacing and measuring 3 feet high by 11.5 feet long; and the larger outward-facing section, featuring a 10-millimeter line spacing and measuring 3 feet high by 41.5 feet long.

The trio combine to form a dynamic, two-sided display capable of showing branding, graphics, and artistic content above the gaming area, twisting to floor at one end.

The two-sided LED media feature can display the same or differing content on it's outward-facing screen than on it's inside screens depending venue needs, event schedules, and time of day.

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