Cynthia Hall

Cynthia Hall

SEGD Global Design Awards

Seattle Children’s Hospital Art and Wayfinding Program
Seattle Children’s Hospital

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Cynthia Hall is a member of the 2016 SEGD Board

Cynthia Hall is the Engagement Director at fd2s.

Environmental Graphics can best be described as "Visual Communication in the Built and Natural Environment". It includes planning, designing, and specifying sign systems for guiding people through complex spaces such as cities, buildings, and parks. It addresses the science of "wayfinding" an industry term that refers to the design and implementation of directional systems that use such design elements as sculptural or architectural features and such aids as color coding and graphic symbols.

As an Environmental Graphic Designer Cynthia Hall has extensive knowledge of building design and construction, working closely with architects on new construction and remodel projects. Other areas of expertise include; the design possibilities and limitations of materials, and how they react to weather and UV light; how distance affects visibility of fonts; basic shop practices; legal requirements for signage and city codes; Braille, tactile letters, and the stipulations of accessibility for individuals with disabilities. A skilled project manager, Cynthia Hall takes projects from implementation to completion with timely results, open and honest communication, and positive outcomes for all those involved.

Specialties: Complex wayfinding projects in the corporate, retail, entertainment, healthcare, hospitality and transportation realm.

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