Curtis Roberts' Sketchbook

“I like how quickly I can capture an idea in a sketch. “

Curtis Roberts

fd2s Inc., Austin

Like so many people, I started drawing at a young age and for purely recreational purposes. I think if there is a style to my sketches, it dates back to those early years and my affinity for Marvel Comics. I was enamored with the level of detail the artists could achieve, in freehand no less, and the way their drawings could elicit a mood from the viewer. Consequently, I would draw everything from intergalactic battles to superheroes and super-villains of my own invention to renovations to my bedroom.

Over time, I received just enough praise from others that I felt I was good at sketching. Indirectly, that led me to pursue a degree in architecture. During my time in architecture school, there was heavy emphasis on freehand drawing. In fact, I distinctly recall that during my second year, AutoCAD was introduced to the curriculum. While interesting, I thought it was a fad. For whatever reason, I was and have always been somewhat resistant to using technology to conceive design.

Now as a professional experiential graphic designer, I sketch everything: meeting notes, story boards for major presentations, directions to a lunch venue; and on pretty much anything I can find: napkins, envelopes, my hand, whatever is available that accommodates ink. I just like how quickly I can capture an idea in a sketch. When starting a new project, I tend to process client feedback and input from our design staff in sketch form. And what’s remarkable is how often the final design solution ends up reflecting these initial, sometimes visceral and often stream-of-consciousness-type sketches.

I consider myself very fortunate to have fashioned a career that allows me to communicate in a medium that I both enjoy and that facilitates a meaningful dialogue with others.

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