The Crossroads San Mateo

The Crossroads San Mateo

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Using a customized version of Unreal Engine, the video game software that renders 3D simulations with uncannily accurate physics, ESI Design (New York) created three reactive-media digital panoramas that evolve constantly, responding to the presence of visitors, live weather data and other stimuli.

In the style of vintage California travel posters, stunning backdrops representing the Redwood Forest, Yosemite National Park and California's coastal scenery are activated with deer hopping away from approaching people, plants growing and blooming, and skies that change to reflect actual weather and time of day. A single albino bear, programmed to appear like a traditional video game’s Easter egg, offers visitors the thrill of a sighting.

Other highlights of The Crossroads lobby digital media installation in San Mateo include: scenes that change every hour and slowly transition from one scene to another, a data API that informs the landscape weather and daylight, varying frequency of animals seen depends on time of day and season, seven 86” high-definition 4K vertical LCD displays powered by three game engine level computers and five heat sensing cameras used to detect visitor movement in real time.

The stunning imagery is part of media installation recently completed by experience design studio ESI Design for the building’s owner, Beacon Capital Partners, as part of a large-scale renovation of building.

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