Cross Pollination with Wendy Fok

Spatial architecture and emergent technology connect in Chicago!

Wendy Fok is a globe-hopping architect, design researcher and tech maverick whose work marries spatial design with exploration of emergent technologies. Winner of the ADC Young Guns Award and one of Perspective’s 40 Under 40, Fok says cross-pollination and creative strategy are where it’s at for her generation of designers. She'll be a featured speaker at the 2015 SEGD Conference: Experience ChicagoJune 4-6, and she's created a video inviting you to join her!

Fok is the creative director and founder of WE-DESIGNS, LLC, a New York studio that provides creative strategies for the built environment within emergent, interactive, progressive, and dynamic investigations of architecture, digital media, and design. A doctoral candidate in Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, her research is focused on digital intellectual property. She is also a tenure-track assistant professor in the Digital Media & Design Program at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture at the University of Houston and is currently writing a book titled Digital Property: Open-Source Architecture, to be published by Wiley 2016.

Wendy is a featured speaker at the 2015 SEGD Conference: Experience ChicagoJune 4-6. Meet Wendy and your XGD community in Chicago. Register today!

See Wendy's work and get her personal video invitation to the SEGD Conference!



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