Creative night with Koroseal Digital + WeaveUp

A huge 'thank you' goes out to the Koroseal Digital + WeaveUpfor hosting such a creative and colorful event. The maker-space vibe at WeaveUp garnered oooh’s and ahhh’s from the SEGD RDU crowd. Laura Cavendar with Koroseal and Steve De Santis with WeaveUp created a pre-event design activity for the attendees. We got to play on the WeaveUp site the week before and customize a pattern with a few clicks of a button, changing the color theme, pattern repeat and scale through the user-friendly online interface. The custom samples, printed just days before the event, lined the WeaveUp tables as we entered the space. The colorful display showcased the range of creativity from our design members, WeaveUp’s variety of patterns and fast ability to customize designs, and Koroseal’s gorgeous wall coverings and high-quality printing capabilities.

Color Samples & Specs

We learned how the meta-data for each custom sample is directly printed onto the sample’s top edge, making the Koroseal Digital + WeaveUp partnership an easy, no-error process when selecting final samples with clients and the product ordering process. With just a 2-3 day turn-around for samples, designers have the ability to explore patterns and obtain a range of samples to find the perfect color and pattern match for their design project. Many of us designers emphatically nodded our heads ‘YES’ when we learned that just a quick click of a button, product specs with a thumbnail image are instantaneously created in a PDF for our custom design, to be used for bid packages, project specifications and ordering purposes.

Side Hustle Anyone?

By simply changing the color combinations and themes, or modifying the pattern repeat and even the scale, the endless combinations on the WeaveUp interface allows creativity to flourish with a fast click of a button. Our ears perked up when us designers realized we could have a good side hustle. You can create a unique design, upload it to the WeaveUpsite and if it’s selected for use on a project, royalty fees are paid to you. Two thumbs up for WeaveUp’s ingenuity and a round of applause for the smart partnership between Koroseal Digital + WeaveUp to ensure color accuracy, ultimate customization capabilities and industry-leading, digitally printed wall coverings. Fun facts of the night, Korosealmanufacturers, designs, prints and distributes their own wall covering products, a rarity in the wall covering world. In addition, Koroseal will take ANY vinyl wall covering (their brand or not) and will reclaim, recycle and reuse the content into other building products! How’s that for full-circle?

Door Prize

The evening ended with a door prize drawing for the colorful Huesteriaclutch using #huesteria!
Congrats to Jennifer for walking home with a fun new, designer accessory.

Our Evening Partners

Marc Moss, Director – Digital & Acoustical, Koroseal Interior Products
Laura Cavender - Koroseal Interior Products, Territory Sales Manager
Flint Davis - WeaveUp Founder and President
Steve, Rana and Eloisa -  the folks who are integral to WeaveUp’s success
... and of course Sophie, the office ‘pup’

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