Creative Edge Master Shop Joins CODAworx

eaton centre by creative edge

It takes an industry to create a commissioned artwork. Not just artists, designers and architects, but also art consultants, fabricators, foundries, lighting designers, engineers, contractors, landscape architects - all artists and highly-skilled craftsmen in their own right.

CODAworx passion lies in bringing this community together in one place, connecting them with the resources needed to create amazing projects, and showcasing those projects to the world. And hopefully, in the process, inspiring more amazing projects. At CODAworx, they have devoted resources to making the world a more beautiful place through the power of design and art.

Creative Edge Master Shop is pleased to announce their affiliation with CODAworx as an important industry resource for public art.  

"It's probably fair to say that floors are the unheralded workhorses of our built environment. We tread not-so-lightly upon our grounds, stairs, walkways, and hallways and, between the hurry and scurry of modern life and our obsession with handheld devices, rarely give them a second thought beyond their basic utility. But a floor that's fabricated by Creative Edge Master Shop is likely to stop you in your tracks." (June 21, 2016,The Art Commission)

Click here to read a full feature from CODAworx: Inspired Fabrication for Inspired Art

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