Creating an Australian Furniture Brand

In their continuing deFrost series of talks, Frost Design (Sydney) will host DesignByThem directors Nicholas Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson as they share the highlights and pitfalls of starting a design company in Australia. Covering all aspects of the business, from its design philosophy and collaborations, to the challenges of IP and manufacturing, they will reveal pivotal moments in the business and the invaluable discoveries they've made along the way. March 13, 2014 in Sydney; click to attend.


With more names still to be added, Frost* has confirmed a shortlist of presenters who’ll be addressing the free events at the agency’s Surry Hills studio in Sydney, throughout the year. Highlights will include Telstra Brand Strategist Andy Bateman; founder of Republic of Everyone and now Director of Marketing & Engagement at The Centre for Social Impact Matt Perry; CEO of Murphy and Friends Mark Collis; internationally acclaimed commercial photographer Anthony Geernaert; and Stuart Buchanan, founder of The Nest, the digital agency within The Frost* Group and chair of the Underbelly Arts Festival.

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