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Cortina Productions is a full-service creative media design and production company specializing in the location-based media. We strive to tell stories in compelling and innovative ways. Our work can be found in museums, cultural institutions, visitor centers, and aquariums across the world. From the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC, to the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, to the San Francisco 49ers Museum in Santa Clara, our films and interactive experiences entertain, engage, and inform thousands of people every day.

Cortina Productions' creative process has been honed to deliver innovative technological avenues for expression. We work closely with you to allow the stories to inspire media design. The media design then develops the experience, and the experience determines the technology we use. While directing the process through design and development we help establish and refine interpretive goals and primary messages. We then work to ensure the media is seamlessly integrated into the architectural and exhibit design. By working with AV systems designers we ensure proper presentation systems are specified for each experience. We user test, install our media on site, adjust color and audio levels, and perform final quality checks in the space to ensure the highest quality of our delivered work.

Accessibility is a core business philosophy at Cortina Productions and we strive to make certain all of our media is physically accessible. We achieve this in two ways: through the placement of our content on the screen, as well as the placement of the physical interface within the exhibit space. High contrast colors and large font sizes are additional tools we can use to make sure those with limited sight are able to enjoy our media exhibits.

We open caption every film and interactive we produce. They are a critical part of our filmmaking process, and we approach each open caption with the same aesthetic design standards and attention to detail that we give to every other aspect of the creative process.

We also use mobile apps to deliver ADA accessible content to both hearing impaired and low vision individuals.

For example, our mobile app tour for the George W. Bush Presidential Library includes a visual descriptive audio tour. Each gallery was described in detail to help the visitor get oriented and provide a sense of the area’s ambience. These descriptions were blended with the same content and intimate quotes from President and Mrs. Bush that we used in the general audio tour to provide a full experience. The interface was designed in high contrast with white text on a black background to meet low vision accessibility standards. The buttons were located in the same position as an ADA voting poll to minimize confusion.


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