Cora McKenzie

Cora McKenzie, MICA
Baltimore, MD

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Cora McKenzie is a graphic designer, researcher, and (aspiring) educator passionate about typography, branding, and experiential design. Informed by her science background, Cora’s practice often coalesces design and research methodologies to create unique brand experiences and confront complex topics. Cora holds a B.A. from Rice University and is currently a Graphic Design MFA candidate at Maryland Institute College of Art. As a competitive swimmer, she derives energy from collaboration and being outside (the latter is a bit hard to do at the moment.)

Cora's graphic design MFA thesis, Anthropo—Scenes, is a body of work surrounding the Anthropocene, which is the current proposed geological age brought on by human impact to Earth’s systems. In her thesis, Cora incorporates personal narratives in order to both ground our species’ large-scale force and translates it into relevant, impactful experiences. The hero graphic showcases the thesis installation for Anthropo—Scenes.* Measuring 10.5' high and 33' long, this immersive piece features thousands of curated tweets linked by the #anthropocene. These collective messages reveal a global dialogue that connects people of different ages and backgrounds. Reflecting on the Anthropocene’s immense scale, this project challenges viewers to assign their own meaning to this new age.

*MICA Graphic Design MFA's thesis installation was quickly adapted and installed in an alternative space, due to COVID-19 shutting down our studio and thesis exhibition a week before the planned event.

Where in the world would you like to work?
Geographically, I aim to work in New York City, though open to Boston as a second choice.

Who is your favorite designer ever? And what one question would you ask them?
Only one?! Denise Scott Brown. How has she paved a path in such a male-dominated field and dealt with critics along the way?

View Cora McKenzie's website, Cora's graphic design MFA thesis, Anthropo—Scenes.

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