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Cooper Carry is a national firm offering Architecture, Environmental Graphic Design, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Planning and Sustainability Consulting services. Our specialty practice groups include specialists in Corporate, Government, Higher Education, Hospitality, K-12 Education, Mixed-Use, Office, Residential, Retail, Science + Technology and Transit projects. Our multidisciplinary approach lets us integrate specialized knowledge to create Connective Architecture: connecting ideas and people to the places where they work, relax, live and learn. Founded in 1960, Cooper Carry has offices in Atlanta, GA, New York, and Washington, DC, with projects around the world.

Our mission
Cooper Carry is a multi-generational design firm of architects, interior designers, landscape architects, planners, environmental graphic designers, and other professionals, and we strive to be:

  • A positive steward of the environment
  • A designer of memorable places that connect ideas, people and spaces
  • An environment where our professionals succeed individually and collectively
  • A provider of design and service excellence
  • We Are The Center for Connective Architecture

Connectivity is the centerpiece of Cooper Carry's architectural, planning and urban design approach. Our process combines multiple disciplines in a rich composition of functional, thoroughly connected spaces designed to unite the experience of indoors and out.

The Connective Architecture process assesses the sustainability of materials, the suitability of assembly methods, and the options for organizing buildings and landscapes into compositions that maximize the advantages of solar orientation, weather, daylighting, building conditioning, and other variables that affect the building’s environmental performance. And we study ways to optimize the human habitat in our designs to elevate the quality of life for the occupants.

Cooper Carry's commitment to environmentally responsible design is evident in our comprehensive, ongoing in-house education program to support LEED accreditation of team members and provide ongoing programs to increase our command of the techniques of sustainable design.

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Convergence: 2014 SEGD Conference
Convergence: 2014 SEGD Conference

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