Teknion IIDEX Exhibit 2009

Merit Award

Teknion’s commitment to sustainable business practices encompasses the design, development, and manufacture of all its products. These same principles informed design choices for the 2009 IIDEX exhibit.

To maximize the exhibit’s modest size (1,200 sq. ft.), the IIDEX booth was constructed with a 16-ft.-high surround that is suspended 1.5 ft. off the floor. This “floating” wall creates an appropriate enclosure that directs the visitor’s attention to the product, while also creating an illusion of spaciousness as the floor extends visually well past the wall-defined space.

Keeping responsible use of materials in mind, exhibit walls were fabricated of fully recyclable aluminum and spandex. Carpeting was re-used from the 2008 IIDEX booth. The nature-inspired graphics printed on the spandex interior offer vivid symbols of Teknion’s commitment to the natural environment.

As a showcase for Teknion’s latest products, the exhibit highlights ACER, a new line developed in partnership with ACER Design A/S of Bogense, Denmark. The first new offerings include a collaborative lounge seating system and mobile worktables, which are used in the booth to create an inviting space for conversation about Teknion’s WorkplaceOne concept. To facilitate dialogue further, two large video screens offer a multimedia presentation of the ideas that animate WorkplaceOne. Beyond the multimedia display, laptop computers placed on the ACER product illustrate its functionality and also allow visitors to view a visual fly-through of the WorkplaceOne concept.

Like Teknion’s thoughtfully designed products, the 2009 IIDEX exhibit stressed the intelligent use of resources—space, light, and materials—to sustain a healthy, productive workplace. 

Jury Comments: 

“Simple design solution to create a dynamic space. Engaging.”

“The most minimal statement of all the entries. Creates a closed environment that is still easy to access. Subtle identification outside and a strong environmental message inside. Really takes you out of the trade show reality.”

Design Firm: 

Vanderbyl Design



Location City: 


Project Area: 


Open Date: 


Project Budget: 


Photo Credits: 

Interior Images

Design Team: 

Michael Vanderbyl (principal-in-charge/designer); Peter Fishel, Dave Hard (designers)




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