Strands of History

Merit Award

Working with historians and archivists, BJ Krivanek researched California history and recent social contexts to develop an environmental art program that builds upon the urban design of the campus, siting a program of environmental elements within a metaphoric landscape. The installation is comprised of three primary groups of elements: a History Wall (an historic timeline structure inscribed with suggestive issues related to California history), Possibilities + Outcomes (layered panels inscribed with interrelated issues – possibilities and their outcomes), and Campus Foundings (lighting fixtures inscribed with the names and founding dates of the 23 campuses, which illuminate the previous elements in a metaphoric manner).

Jury Comments: 

"Students at this campus explore changes in the school, state, and society as they walk past three strands of text beside a raised walkway. An extremely conceptual piece, but with clear and elegant execution. The layered type treatments are genuinely beautiful and the installation itself fits almost seamlessly with the surroundings."

Design Firm: 

BJ Krivanek Art + Design


California State University

Location City: 

Long Beach, California

Project Area: 


Open Date: 


Project Budget: 


Photo Credits: 

Jeff Kurt Peterson

Design Team: 

BJ Krivanek (Principal in Charge), Joel Breaux, Lillian Jones, Karen Jean Hunt


LPA, Inc. (landscape architect)


BRO Designed Construction

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