Official Signs & Icons 2

Jury Award

This extensive survey of current, officially sanctioned, non-verbal communication systems includes 4,811 images in categories such as U.S. and foreign road signs, transportation, recreational and hospitality symbol sign systems, ALS, Braille, safety, electronic and mechanical labeling, and meteorological symbols.

The intent was to put into design and sign professionals' hands the most comprehensive, clearly organized, and accurately reproduced collection of official symbol, sign, and icon systems developed by standard institutions worldwide, available for immediate use as a research document and computer ready electronic art tool.

Due to the overwhelming logistical complexity, funding, and time required to assemble this reference work and market it to such a narrow market segment, it has never been attempted before with this level of consistency, attention to detail, and broadness of scope. In short, it is a one-of-a-kind labor of love.


Jury Comments: 

"This book exemplifies a systemic approach to cataloging a comprehensive symbol library. The disparate information is organized into a consistent, relatively easy-to-navigate book that itself is well designed, useful, usable, and valuable. The book is well researched, designed, and produced, making it a pleasure to read and an incentive to buy for any firm working in interface or wayfinding design. Acknowledging the importance of Henry Dreyfuss' early work, this publication opens the door for everyone to contribute to the collection – a wonderful opening for a Wikipedia-like web-based system."

Design Firm: 

Ultimate Symbol Inc.


Ultimate Symbol Inc.

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Project Budget: 


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Design Team: 

Mies Hora (Principal in Charge)


Chris O'Hara, Michael Wong (illustrators)



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