Dimensional Innovations

Dimensional Innovations

Dimensional Innovations has been creating amazing experiences for brands for more than two decades and it hasn’t been easy. And it certainly hasn’t been a get rich scheme. It takes tons of patience, lots of curiosity, and a talented team of people who are obsessed with storytelling and finding ways to improve it. And there is no finish line. You are never done creating an experience that continues to delight and engage its audience.

So while ad agencies and consulting firms might be busy trying to awkwardly attach experiential design to their offerings, they've been busy working with clients who understand that it’s at their very core. Creating great experiences is what drives Dimensional Innovations. It’s why they're in this not-so-easy business. Because it’s those little moments when you see a child’s face light up in an interactive museum, or a fan taking selfies to show off their team pride inside a stadium, or an employee who’s now engaged when they step into the office - it’s those moments, those experiences, that make it all worth it.

Dimensional Innovations is an experiential design and build firm creating immersive and engaging experiences. Combine a team of graphic designers and brand strategists with architects and animators, then take interior, interactive and environmental designers and connect them to a team of digital engineers, throw in an innovation lab, then bolt on over 140,000-square-feet of fabrication space where they can build just about anything and, well, you’ve got Dimensional Innovations. Together, the Dimensional Innovations team are designers, makers and innovators of world-class experiences, places and products.

The benefit of working with Dimensional Innovations, is that their team can take your idea, space and experience from start to finish. Rather than developing great designs, then bidding them out to another company and finding they’re way over budget, they keep the whole picture in mind and are able to design to a budget, often saving clients time and money.

Their services include experiential design, brand and sponsorship activation, research and development, signage and wayfinding, technology development, engineering, fabrication, and installation.

See more about Dimensional Innovations (DI) on their website. (dimin.com)



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