Clerc Trade Show Exhibit

Merit Award

Pentagram Design created a booth for the Clerc luxury watch brand at the Basel 2000 trade show in Switzerland. Clerc is an established French watch company, which re-launched its brand with a new graphic identity by the designers in 1999. The exhibit booth is mobile and collapsible (and thus re-usable) and includes a central meeting area as well as private rooms. Built of stainless steel, sandblasted glass, wenge, and leather, the booth draws its structure from Clerc's most exquisite watches, which have jewels surrounding their faces. This is referenced by the jewel cases displaying watches in an illuminated channel that runs around the walls. The shape of the stainless steel table in the center of the booth is also drawn from the Clerc logo and watch face. Clerc's elegance is communicated through minimalism and choice of materials, while the shape and structure of the booth reinforce the brand's graphic identity.

Jury Comments: 

"A wonderful combination of clean lines and rich materials portrays the Clerc product line. The illuminated channel that displays individual watches is fully integrated into the overall architecture. Too often trade shows focused on small products (watches, eyeglasses, candy) become overwhelmingly fussy. This exhibit allows the attendee to focus on the small product, yet remember the strong overall brand image." "The unique overall enclosure with a single portal kept the passage controlled, unique in a trade show environment filled with non-enclosed walk-through exhibits."

Design Firm: 




Location City: 

Basel, Switzerland

Project Area: 


Open Date: 


Project Budget: 


Photo Credits: 

Edgar Reinhard

Design Team: 

James Biber (Principal in Charge), Michael Zweck-Bronner, Ivan Arenas, Andrea Wang, Alex Mergold, Suzanne Holt, Paula Scher




Fürst Messebau AG

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